Promo Spot for The Blue Shutters restaurant

As I wind toward the transition from a consumer-based video business to an all commercial operation, I enjoy taking on many more small mom & pop type operations who are the backbone of our local economy here in the Scranton/Poconos … Continue reading

Centerpiece To Future Exhibit!

It’s been way too long since I posted anything but this is important! Some readers of my posts may know, I started a fine-art project during the Covid shutdowns which is themed: “Beautiful Dancers-Beautiful Spaces Around Northeast PA”. A project … Continue reading

Aura Of Light

The dictionary defines an Aura as a distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source or an energy field that is held to emanate from a living being. Most religions use the analogy of light emanating from a divine being (in Christianity … Continue reading

Kelsey & Michael- Everyone Adores This Couple!

After a long hiatus in wedding activity (and in my posts to this update, really), we were ALL excited to finally get back into the circle of life again in May of 2021 and it shows in this beautiful wedding! … Continue reading

Mother Nature Gets Her Hair Done-A Tribute To Winter

Purity and snow have been united in literature as well as in biblical and spiritual references through millennia in the one singular, unbreakable natural weather event that instantly changes everything from what it once was to something nearly unrecognizably fresh … Continue reading

Rolling The Rails On A Snow Day

When most folks hear there is a blizzard on the way they queue up a binge-watch list and pop some corn. That sounds nice but when I hear of a coming snow event I get so excited to re-live my … Continue reading

Essential Travel

Like most people, there was always a skeptical side of me that laments the commercialism of Christmas. But this past year, with all of it’s shared misery and lack of ‘normalcy’ has taught me to appreciate just what an important … Continue reading

Married On the 4th Of July

During this trying time, it’s always a pleasure to utilize my craft in the way to which I am accustomed; for video acquisition and video production of weddings, events and public gatherings of all types. So when Joey and Toni … Continue reading

Back To The ‘Commercial Break’

Over the hiatus of summer, I was engaged a most welcome creative shift from all the commercial, corporate  video production and industrial work I usually do to undertake a project with local dance talent. I am still doing that, however, … Continue reading

Youth Dancers Become A Part Of Local History

As I continue to seek diversions from my normal video production and commercial photography during the current business hiatus with my creative collaborative project; which features beautiful spaces and beautiful dancers at local Northeastern PA. landmarks; interest from local dance … Continue reading