Back To The ‘Commercial Break’

Over the hiatus of summer, I was engaged a most welcome creative shift from all the commercial, corporate  video production and industrial work I usually do to undertake a project with local dance talent. I am still doing that, however, I also need to concern myself with the bread and butter aspect. So here is a hot blue Yamaha sportbike I recently had the pleasure of photographing in a favorite spot of mine.
Motorcycle on mountain near Scranton
This location is on a route that I have been traveling since I was a young driver testing out my cameras (and my old cars!) far above the City Of Scranton as you drive up into Ransom on West Mountain.
Sport cycle on a mountain overlooking Scranton
The view is great up there and I usually just do scenic portraits or fine-art shots up there but I think it works great for motor vehicle shots very well too!

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