Youth Dancers Become A Part Of Local History

As I continue to seek diversions from my normal video production and commercial photography during the current business hiatus with my creative collaborative project; which features beautiful spaces and beautiful dancers at local Northeastern PA. landmarks; interest from local dance moms is sparking great interest in being part it all! As someone who always encourages children to achieve anything they put their mind to; I was happy to oblige.
Young dancer outside Everhart Museum
Two of the most impressive children for their age were Ava and Emma who dance with our local studio in the Moscow area, the Arabesque Academy Of Dancing as well as other competitions outside the area. Upon first meeting, these talented young ladies would appear deceptively average kids until you see them start to perform their favorite leaps and flying maneuvers! All young people love any activity where running and leaping in the air are the goal and they have less ‘volume’ (a characteristic we adults envy, hah!) so I think it just comes naturally that Ava and Emma have the ability to get airborne when the flash captures their moves!
Dancer leaping at scranton times
Emma’s shot this week was taken on a Monday evening on Spruce Street in Downtown Scranton just a block from the famous and beloved Scranton Times Building with the sign lit up and glowing in the background. Emma came up with this idea all on her own and I loved it! Surprisingly, we nailed this shot in just about 4 takes and every one was very good but this one stood out as exceptional!
The next self-assignment was to create a shot that I had been planning for months ever since I did a video shoot outside the historic and beautifully landscaped Everhart Museum at Nay Aug Park in Scranton. Ava, being the youngest of our volunteers was the perfect choice for this location because every school field trip and family loves to tour this spot. Ava is a happy, energetic kid and is so easy to direct, she created this beautiful, fantasy image resembling a bird in flight right in front of Isaiah Everhart’s statue! Thanks to both of you girls and I can’t wait to post your next great image soon!

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