Fun Foto Shoot For Kids!

Are you bored? Even more, is your stay-at-home child or teen bored staying home!? No surprise there! Missing those recent school photographs to share? Here’s a great idea to get out of the house, enjoy the warm weather and get some great shots your kids will actually enjoy- A fun time just hanging out and doing some crazy poses outdoors at a park or playground. What’s better is they’ll have their own personal paparazzi to snap some really natural un-contrived shots for their social profile.

I took a break from my usual work on video production to put together these great shots! This photo session won’t cramp your style or your budget though because I have priced these ‘Sweet 16’ packages to be affordable to any family whatever your other needs may be.
Adorable teen on playground
Every time I do one of these photoshoots I find the subject directs the action as much as I do which is what I find most enjoyable.
Older kid on slide
Mom and dad are always on the scene and to provide supervision and make sure the sitting looks just right. Contact me for more information and to share some of your ideas. I’ll be more than happy to plan a great outing with you.
Cute teen on kids slide

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