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LIGHT- The symbol of the spirit, intellect, and joy of man’s experience on earth. Without it, our world would not function. It has been my singular obsession since childhood…and I have devoted a career to the never-ending study of its interaction with humanity!

” ..the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it”.-John 1:5


Over my lifetime, the primary goal of my entire career as a professional photographer and videographer- using any media, whether in the form of silver halide film as in the past, still capture, video production, corporate video, cinematography, fine-art photography, multimedia presentations, wedding videography, heirloom-quality albums, wall murals, website content, time-lapse studies or elite portrait sessions; your ultimate satisfaction is my goal.

Beginning as a young child, the world around me seemed like a fascinating wonderland of lights, shadows, movement, color and sound to which I was always keenly sensitive. This sensitivity which in the beginning was a distraction to me in my school work eventually became something I could cultivate into a meaningful form of expression and eventually, a successful occupation. One which has such rewards that I often feel I can’t live without it. Even through a pandemic when the photography business is decimated, as a continuing avocation which gives me an outlet for my thoughts and emotions. One in which is of great value to my clients and subjects: I find myself undertaking for purely personal satisfaction without any consideration of the financial compensation which follows.
God’s gift of eyesight has always been a precious thing to me.
I often think of what life must be to those who were sighted but have become visually impaired or worse yet, totally blind at some point in life. I believe everyone needs to appreciate that and do whatever we can to help those who have have been affected by visual challenges. The beauty of light is often overlooked in the daily activities that occupy our time.

I believe God gave me this responsive touch with using light for the specific purpose and goal of reminding the viewer of his presence everywhere around us here on earth because, as we all have heard so many times His words: “I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in the darkness, but shall have the light of life.” It’s not just a metaphor for me. I believe that God exists quite literally as a light source and the light we see here on earth and in space is just a modest example of He who created it. There are many references to this in writing throughout history as well as the Bible but I am merely touching upon this as a manner of explanation of the close connection we all have to our origins in light and our dependence upon it, not only for daily existence but to be moved by the grandeur of nature and our fellow human beings. This is what compels me to produce images and films with a dramatic composition of patterns, shapes or sculptures within them created by the reflection or projection of light.

The perfection of a newborn baby’s tiny fingers and toes; the bold lines of a well-designed product; the beautiful form of a dancer in flight across a stage or my favorite- the soft beauty of a woman’s sculpted cheekbones as the light dazzles her face and hair! This type of photography is what I live for!

Then there is the ever fascinating and varied work of conceptualizing and presenting motion pictures for successful people who make our lives more enjoyable with their products and businesses here in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. With the advent of online marketing, this aspect of my business has expanded so greatly over recent years; with the hospitality industry, medical care providers, travel-related videos in the Poconos; opportunities in the service sector such as salons, health/fitness centers, restaurants and new technologies developing from 3-D printing facilities, there is always a steady source of subject matter to dive into! My video production studio, staff and associates are always inspired by new challenges.

So now I ask the reader, what is it about you that you would like the world to see in it’s best light? I personally guarantee any project I choose to undertake will be done right; will be done within your schedule; will be done to a higher level of quality than it’s price would demand and exceed your expectations within the planned budget. If you are a portrait client you will look better and get more noticed by those who see your image and you will be happy with the result or I will re-shoot at no cost to you. Wedding couples will likewise find me to be more than accommodating from the way I make the extra effort to meet you personally at your home or office to present my work to the wedding day on which I hire a crew of assistants to cover every aspect of your big day to the delivery of a flawless album or it is done over at my expense.

The new generation of photo professionals and videographers are savvier and more competitive than ever and I plan to meet and surpass their surge with every composition & post-production skill I’ve learned over decades as a professional photographer.

Some geographic areas I have worked include:
The Scranton area including the downtown business district which is a mere 5 minutes outside my studio door; the greater Wilkes-Barre area, sometimes known as ‘The 570’, including the ‘Back Mountain’ encompassing Dallas, Lehman, Shavertown; Mountaintop; Clarks-Summit and The Abingtons; Allentown, Easton, Stroudsburg and Mount Pocono.

Some of the local companies and organizations I have worked with include:
Azek Building Products, General Dynamics, The Diocese Of Scranton, Senior Health Care Solutions; AAA Auto Club, TMG Health, Chewy.com, Geisinger Health Systems, Geisinger’s I.S.S. Solutions, Lockheed-Martin Precision Strike Systems, Sandvik, Quandel Group and many more. However, the work I am most proud of are the small ‘Mom & Pop’ businesses for whom I have produced marketing images and video profiles. These great people are the backbone of our area and always impress me the most, proving to be the most interesting projects with life-long friendships always the result. Places such as a framing shop that produces hand-made picture frames for art galleries in Manhattan, a vintage-recycled marketplace, an auto dealership, a local dental practice, an ‘escape room’ where people challenge themselves to solve a mystery to be released from a special room, a real estate broker, a chiropractic office, an auto glass repair company, a lumber yard and even a magician!

Whatever your dream or your challenge, I would love to hear about it and it would be my honor to help you achieve your goals!

-Michael J. Melisky- Your Photographer

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