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Scranton is fortunate to have a professional photography studio of the exceptional caliber of Michael’s Photography located in its city.  Michael Melisky is an extraordinarily skilled photographer who works in all areas of photography media for consumers, advertisers, designers, web content, television and education.  From portrait photography and wedding photography to corporate video production and photography, Michael Melisky possesses the artistic talent, drive and expertise to address all of his patrons’ needs.  Potential clients can logon to our website in order to view Melisky’s most recent projects in his portfolio.  It goes without saying that whenever Hawley companies and residents are looking for the best regional photography studio for their corporate photography, portrait photography or wedding photography, Michael’s Photography is the only name they need to know.

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Hawley, Pennsylvania is a borough on Lackawaxen River in Wayne County with approximately 1,200 residents.  Scranton, home to Michael’s Photography, is located 34 miles west of Hawley. Michael’s Photography is renowned for not only striving to meet its Hawley customers’ photography expectations, but for consistently surpassing them!  In addition, Michael’s Photography believes it is essential that Hawley clients receive the best photography results for an affordable and competitive price.  It comes as no surprise to learn that Michael Melisky consistently enhances his Hawley clients’ requirements with his well-executed and stimulating film production.

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What’s more, Michael’s Photography is committed to creating impactful corporate photography, portrait photography, video production and wedding photography.  We understand what is required to develop attention-grabbing photography sessions that will underscore the most favorable characteristics of the subject matter.  This is why clients prefer Michael’s Photography to the competition.  Our studio is celebrated for fine-tuning all aspects relevant to creating the most enduring photography.  Moreover, our customers can depend upon us to produce a quality product at a price that won’t exceed their budget.  To schedule a photo shoot with Michael’s Photography at: 1124 Cedar Avenue, Scranton, call us, today, at: (570) 343-2660.

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