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Welcome from Michael Melisky and Michael’s Photography and Video.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Whether at a small local level or on a larger national scale, small businesses are the lifeblood of a healthy economy. I love working with our local family-run companies and retail stores to tell their story in motion pictures. As a skilled business videographer, I have spent more than thirty years working in the photography and cinematography field, beginning in the mid 1980’s using film, then to analog videography using magnetic tape-to-tape editing and finally through to the present day of instant digital videography output- currently acquiring knowledge in the latest advancements to qualify to provide services such as streaming videography presentations for remote meetings.

That experience, along with my passion for the esthetics of lighting, timing, composition and color of an ideal quality image have established my production service as a premiere source for the creation of exceptional videos for businesses looking for a polished and impressive video tour de force for their company. Businesses seeking to compete in today’s marketplace are interested in investing in state-of-the-art videography that both showcases their company’s services and generates attention to their products. Videographers make it possible for your business to save time and money in addition to enhancing your ability to attract new clients and keep long-valued customers. Videography is widely regarded as the fastest and most economical means of getting your message across to your customer base. Furthermore, it not only answers a demand in today’s market for visual stimulation, but it provides audio stimulation for better engagement.

A videographer is also able to offer businesses the opportunity to have customers deliver testimonials about the effectiveness of their company’s products. Every business’s videography content becomes a commercial for its business, whether in short form or extended to depict a particularly detailed aspect of the company. It also allows businesses to connect with prospective clientele and to share their company’s mission with them. The possibilities are limitless, and the benefits are many. To learn more about all the opportunities that Michael’s Photography and Video can bring to you through our business videographers, contact us at: (507) 343-2660.

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