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Residents in the eastern part of Pennsylvania are well-served by Michael’s Photography in Scranton with its superior quality in photography.  No matter the kind of photography clients want, we are qualified in all aspects of photography.  Michael Melisky is a well-known photographer and moviemaker who is involved in all factions of photography and video production.  His scope of experience includes corporate photography, portrait photography and wedding photography.  He is further renowned for creating impressive visual imagery for video presentations and slideshows. In fact, when Allentown businesses and individuals are trying to find a highly- qualified photographer for corporate photography, portrait photography or wedding photography, the only name they need to know is Michael’s Photography.

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Allentown, Pennsylvania is a city in Lehigh County with approximately 119,000 residents.    Scranton, home to Michael’s Photography, is about 72 five miles north of Allentown. It’s common knowledge that not only will we endeavor to always meet our Allentown customers’ photography expectations, but Michael’s Photography will ensure that their expectations are regularly surpassed!  Furthermore, we believe that our Allentown clients deserve to receive the most outstanding photography results in addition to gaining a superior product that is competitively priced and affordable.

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At Michael’s Photography, we are dedicated to creating the most exceptional corporate photography, portrait photography and wedding photography. We know exactly how to stage our photography shoots so that they present the subject matter in the most advantageous manner.  These are only a few of the many reasons our clients prefer Michael’s Photography over the competition.  Our studio has been able to develop the most timeless photography in the region, and our products are always and based on excellence.  Moreover, our clients are well aware they can count on us to deliver the best product possible.  To arrange for an appointment in Michael’s Photography’s office at: 1124 Cedar Avenue, Scranton, call us at: (570) 343-2660, today.

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