Married On the 4th Of July

During this trying time, it’s always a pleasure to utilize my craft in the way to which I am accustomed; for video acquisition and video production of weddings, events and public gatherings of all types. So when Joey and Toni contacted me through a Google search looking for an experienced video producer for their small 10th-anniversary gathering with a VERY big fireworks display I immediately got excited at the prospect of such an opportunity! Joey is an electrician by trade but his avocation is pyrotechnics on a grand scale! A scale and degree of showmanship you would only see at a nationally renowned event such as the Fourth of July Spectacular in New York City! Their actual wedding was on the 5th of July but who could resist having a special double celebration!

Having photographed many PA. fireworks displays over the course of my career, I have seen some pretty impressive shows but nothing prepared me for the dazzling show Joey put on in honor of his beautiful life with his beautiful wife and 2 children. In fact, though they live and work in Long Island, New York, Joey and Toni actually bought the Lake Aeriel property on which this event was held several years earlier with the specific intention of using it as a venue to hone his ‘pyrotek’ skills and dubbed this country place: “Pyroland”! Everything about the affair was quaint and well-suited to the rustic location as to the current safety concerns. They had a lovely little wedding re-enactment ceremony conducted with much laughter and joy followed by a short dinner break and dancing to the sounds of our local stand-out musical act; “Kartune”! The food was catered by two totally self-contained trailers which were actually converted from pristine horse trailers and remodeled as traveling mini kitchens.
Though I have my own aerial drone services available, Joe had arranged to fly two drones directly above the fireworks for a high perspective shot and I was happy to incorporate that great footage with my three ground cameras to create the fabulous video production you see here. We also produced a full-length version for the happy couple to have for their family and friends.

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