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Like most people, there was always a skeptical side of me that laments the commercialism of Christmas. But this past year, with all of it’s shared misery and lack of ‘normalcy’ has taught me to appreciate just what an important role our businesses play in our daily lives but most importantly, reminds us that there is something significant about our ability to be ‘contagiously inspired’ and positively motivated to do things for each other at Christmas we would not do any other day of the year. Commercialism may seem like a shallow thing on its face, but when we are confronted with losing something that we have always taken for granted, much like the snow itself which we dislike shoveling would be missed so much if we never got to experience it’s beauty again; we know now how sterile and vacant a city would be without its businesses.

I worked myself very hard on this this ride on my fat tire bike through very slick five inch deep snow, spinning my pedals and slipping sideways more times than I can count but I enjoyed it like nothing else in the world! It was a good feeling to return to my drafty old house and feel warm all over thinking of my childhood when I would come home from playing outside and find the Sears Christmas Catalogue waiting on my back porch!

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