Promo Spot for The Blue Shutters restaurant

As I wind toward the transition from a consumer-based video business to an all commercial operation, I enjoy taking on many more small mom & pop type operations who are the backbone of our local economy here in the Scranton/Poconos area. These small companies, restaurants, retail stores, medical service groups, dentists, chiropractors, realtors and small manufacturing firms often just need a simple introductory spot they can use to get the word to potential clients and patrons about what they can provide in the way of services or products that target a specific demographic. Dining establishments such as this historic restaurant in Elmhurst, PA is just one example of small businesses we all love to support but often do not have foremost in our mind when it comes time to choose a place to have a gathering place to enjoy a meal with our family or other group.

The Blue Shutters has always been a favorite place for a warm atmosphere with great food and even (at one time in the past) a place to stay over after your meal back when our grandparents were traveling the highways and byways of northeast PA! The Inn no longer exists but the food is still as good as any you can find here or any top-notch restaurant in any large metropolitan area such as New York or Philadelphia!
I thoroughly enjoyed my time filming here as well as the fantastic meals they so graciously offered! I can’t wait to go back a s a loyal customer from now on! You will too!

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