Centerpiece To Future Exhibit!

It’s been way too long since I posted anything but this is important! Some readers of my posts may know, I started a fine-art project during the Covid shutdowns which is themed: “Beautiful Dancers-Beautiful Spaces Around Northeast PA”. A project which brought back some lively creative activity and purpose for idle young dance students of our area during those cold, dark days; working tirelessly with repeated attempts long into the night with their devoted parents to produce beautiful dance art.

Life priorities, semi-retirement and just living a more fulfilling life have prevented me from adding to the project til now but it IS on target, with any luck, sometime in 2023.
Here is my pride and joy centerpiece image entitled ‘ELECTRIC THEIA’ featuring the spectacular athleticism of my first and most loyal model, Samy (and her adoring mom, Gina of course) rising from the smoke to a glorious ascent on the lawn of the Lackawanna County Courthouse with the iconic Scranton Electric Building rising above her. Please keep an eye out for more posts as I finish out this project and announce the exhibit when I finally have all my work complete!

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