Aura Of Light

The dictionary defines an Aura as a distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source or an energy field that is held to emanate from a living being. Most religions use the analogy of light emanating from a divine being (in Christianity that’s Our Lord- “I am the light of the world”-John 8:12) or the enlightenment of knowledge that comes from the study thereof. Yogis and Eastern religions refer to an aura in the practice of channeling energy through and around the body. When I looked out of my window at bedtime last night and saw the magnificent fog developing outside, I know right then that even though I was extremely tired from a long day, I had to go out and capture this magical opportunity to actually ‘see’ auras in the diffraction and dispersion of light which is my habit every time I see it in the city. It’s much more common out in the country near bodies of water or along valleys and mountain ridges. Most of the scenes in my introductory video on this site were captured on just such a night. Fog at night in Scranton PA
I was so excited and inspired by the beauty of this night that through the cold mist falling on my chilled body, sleepy eyelids and tired muscles, I carried on like a silly schoolkid til 3 A.M.!
This black and white version is only one a dozen color images I created last night which I will continue to share here or on my Facebook pages in coming posts. I hope you like it and next time you’re tired and need to sleep, look outside on a damp evening and ask yourself if YOU really need the sleep or jus put off your bedtime about 3 hours as I did!

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