Mother Nature Gets Her Hair Done-A Tribute To Winter

Purity and snow have been united in literature as well as in biblical and spiritual references through millennia in the one singular, unbreakable natural weather event that instantly changes everything from what it once was to something nearly unrecognizably fresh & new! As we happily approach the freshness of another Spring I felt compelled to offer tribute to what, in my humble opinion was one of the most beautiful winters in decades and possibly even the most beautiful in PA I have ever seen. Maybe it’s just because I have had more free time this season than ever before due to the current life changes that we have all incorporated over recent months, but it seemed opportunities that were commonly only available two or three time a season were available to me almost every other day since December.

The combination of my fat tire bicycle and new miniaturized steady-shot cameras have created in me a new passion to be out, riding and recording the absolute exquisiteness of blanketed scenery in an immersive, moving viewpoint. Here I have assembled some of my favorite scenes from last December through February of 2021 in a magical, inspiring and relaxing video production for all to enjoy.
I know not everyone will have 4 minutes to set aside and take in this piece of cinema but those of you who might just know the joy I discovered since embarking on this little past-time will want to stay awhile and meditate on this happier, positive view of an undeservedly unappreciated season.

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