One Beautiful Day In May

In May I posted a few shots of this bride Stephanie wearing my fedora which were captured from my video frames. Here now are some better examples of that beautiful event and the happy couple enjoying the one nearly perfect weekend we had in the month of May 2017.

We started out at the classically adorned gothic church in Scranton with its quiet grounds and heavy stone pillars; then followed the limousine up to McDade Park on the city’s West Side near Keyser Valley for some fantastic scenics. Stephanie and Marco were the center of attention in that busy outdoor setting by the pond.

Everyone was in a relaxed mood that day as even the limo driver got caught up in the action, not even raising a concern that his shift was over!

I can’t say enough how enjoyable this wedding was. It brought me back to my roots in the old days of weddings when people were real and no-one was out to make a big splash but just enjoy each other’s company.

I want to thank my crew again without whom I would not have made this shoot work which consisted of Darlene Markowski who just keeps amazing me with her skill and Kevin Kovacs who covered the B- cameera for video as well as being an all-around great help.

I will share more as we go through the process of ordering these for Stephanie. Enjoy!

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