Gouldsboros Eagle Lake- ‘Take One’

One of those dream assignments, locally, anyway is to be out in nature getting some sun and fresh air but also being paid while you do it! My work for the Eagle Lake Recreational Community in Gouldsboro was just such a project. This little hidden gem of a place is located just about 20 minutes north of Scranton but you would swear it was in a fabulous resort town somewhere. Especially the swimming complex which was just recently remodeled with all the great features kids and parents alike will love.

Here is the first version of my ongoing work with Eagle Lake Community Association which touches on the lifestyle and people who live there through the warmer months (though some stay even in winter). The main focus is outdoor living and the amenities they provide to the residents but they also have a variety of indoor activities available to families. Most of the people I met there are from points east along the metropolitan areas near N.Y.C. but they come from all around PA.
I really enjoyed working with the staff here, especially Jillian, Paula and Jim who met with me as I designed a plan for this production from start to finish; from approving my script to establishing location shots and sound.
Special thanks also to Virginia Rickard and Perry Rose who provided the perfect voiceovers with just the right sound for what I envisioned. Thanks also to Jason Karlavige who was so helpful in the acquisition of the fireworks shots on a surprisingly cold evening last September!
We had a battle with clouds over the past several weeks to get the finishing clips we needed and mother nature is still very stingy with the sun this year but there eventually will be more video upcoming from this client so please stay in touch.
Enjoy the summer! This should get you started!

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