A Fun Use For My Fedora!

My fedoras attract their share of attention at weddings and someone usually asks to borrow it; their request met with a flat refusal but Saturday’s wedding was an exception. This sweet young couple captured my heart with their sincerity and devotion, so during some of the fun-loving festivities, the guests asked if Stephanie could borrow my hat for this little ritual.

It seems our southern neighbors like to have a little fun with the groom, so as a twist to the dollar dance, they outfit the bride as the ‘BOSS’ of her new husband. She takes a belt and wears something that would indicate her bossy appearance, in this case, my fedora.

The groom (Marco) wears an apron and sweeps dollar bills off the floor as the bride goes around ‘whipping’ him with a belt as guests toss dollar bills on the floor! This is only one of numerous light-hearted activities they shared and were captured by my video lens. Stay tuned for more. I really enjoyed this wedding!

By Melisky – picmichaelsvideo.com

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