A Father’s Day Wedding

On June 18th I took some time in the early part of the day to serve a very nice couple at their intimate wedding in Mount Pocono. It was a perfect day with low humidity and just the right amount of sun to provide us with a soft, filtered light for photographs. Zenaida and Chris were the most gracious hosts even though they had much more on their minds.

Bride and groom recite their vows under floral arch
The mood was serene yet all were excited to see this sincere couple take their vows under a flower arch in the breezy pavilion.Flower girls together

Closeup Flower GirlsThere were plenty of little people in attendance as the event unfolded.
Bride places groom's ring on

Groom Places her Ring

Closeup of wedding ring

Bride Looking Into His EyesEverything went off without a hitch but our little baby ring bearer couldn’t wait to be back in mommy’s arms after it was all over.
Bride Groom & Baby

Happy Bride

The Wedding Kiss
I left to join my daughter as our happy couple settled in for a small family dinner to celebrate the occasion.

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