A Wedding To Feel Good About

More than thirty years ago I photographed a wedding for my friends, Lisa and Eric Salerno (I know I should not share that exact date because by today’s youth-oriented society people might think we’re old but I don’t care). We had not not kept in touch very much until I heard Eric was having serious medical issues and in my concern, I reached out to them a few yeras ago, offering support and prayers for Eric, we caught up on each other’s lives and Eric kept striving. Then out of the blue I received a call from Eric with the joyful news that his daughter Amanda was getting married and they wanted to provide a nice wedding film for them as a gift.
Here you see the trailer I produced but there is more to the story that follows.

The wedding day was absolute perfection as you see from this film but what was so inspiring was Eric was in the hospital just days before the wedding with prospects for being there for Amanda growing slim. Through sheer determination and great medical care Eric arrived at the church in time to see his precious daughter and handsome new son-in-law take their vows. He even made the reception, just strong enough to have that moment on the dance floor with his little girl. Eric left us a month after seeing his children off and I am sure he left some angels behind to guide them the rest of the way.
The joy of this couple is infectious and the setting at the epic Knowlton Mansion is phenominal. Dare yourself to NOT watch it a second or third time!

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