A Gloomy November Day Looks Bright In The Right Light!

I think you will agree- we all have a beef with the weatherman about today’s forecast! Last evening and this morning they were predicting a little cloudy and dry but we got miserable, gray and spittling rain all afternoon! That wasn’t enough to stop my Scranton High School Senior, Denise and me from going ahead with our photo shoot as we had planned since last week.

As always, I brought my lighting gear and was greatly appreciative of this when we started. The conditions were detiorating and the chill mist kept flying around, but Denise was a real trooper.

I used a technique I learned years ago to create the look of a warm summer day with my lights.

As can be seen in these few favorites I chose today, the results are pretty appealing; but it doesn’t hurt to have a beautiful student like Denise to add the brightest smile to these exciting shots!

For our second location I chose the Steamtown National Historic Site as the backdrop to achieve a more ‘Steampunk’ look to the results.
I think you’ll agree with Denise, the results were outstanding! Watch for more on this session and others coming up through the year.

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