Want Out Of The House? Let’s Quarantine Out!

NO VIRUS HERE! Now that many of us are on an involuntary retirement, virtually all of my bookings for the Spring have been postponed due to COVID-19. So I have been looking for a creative outlet with which to occupy myself. One of my passions is my Fatbike rides in the hills around Scranton, Moosic near Montage Mountain Ski Resort and around Northeastern Pennsylvania. An activity that seems made to order for social distancing. This concept came to mind as I ran across this fallen tree which presented an obstacle but also fueled my persistence to forge ahead on the same path rather than turning back. I like this narrow abandoned trail that runs parallel to a major trail just above and decided I would make it my pet project.

With the use of my trusty but very old little $90.pocket camera, the scenario plays out with just a few un-planned grab shots of my experience and little tool I always carry on my rides.

This manually operated pocket chainsaw is a valuable little tool sold on Amazon and manufactured by Sportsman Industries. It’s not only a great workout for your delts and lats but could save your life in an emergency! You mountain bikers and hikers will relate and enjoy this little clip. You can see some of my real video productions on my Corporate B to B page of this site.

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