‘Susquehanna Soaring’ – taking flight through dance!

This continues my dance series which is a result of a long-overdue desire to work with dancers in a collaborative artistic project. Since the current business environment has placed us photographers in a holding pattern for the foreseeable future, those of us who are compelled to use our photo skills have more time to explore new aspects of the art.

This is my compulsion at the moment and thus far, it’s more exciting to me than anything I have pursued in my life!

Dancers Leaping Avove the Susquehanna River
Here for dramatic impact is just one of numerous incredible images I captured of young Sarah who has an equally insatiable appetite for challenging herself to new heights in dance and gymnastics.
Sarah would have continued these tremendous moves for the camera all night if she were allowed! Her boundless energy, stamina and joy in this pursuit is only possible from a love of the art form from a very early age and it shows in all of the images I have created for her. Stay tuned for many more dance images on these pages in he very near future!

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