Long-Absent Updates Return Inspired By Dance!

In recent years, but probably even a longer time period than that through most of my life, I have been keenly fascinated by the art of classical dance; finding the performers mesmerizing in a live performance but even more so when I am watching them perform in the course of my motion picture editing work when the footage is viewed in slow-motion or stop-motion revealing the almost super-human effort and muscle control required to execute so many of the movements that look so effortless to us in the audience! I notice a similar revelation in slow-motion replays of athletes in Olympic competitions or other more popular sports as well but for the sake of this update, I concentrate on the art of dance. Our local dance schools offer a wide variety of talent all around Northeastern PA. but I utilized research online to get some ideas on how to better depict these wonderfully gifted people in my form of photographic expression.

This led me to research the beautiful artwork and photography of dancers caught in suspended animation.
The one photographer I am often inspired by is Richard Calmes. In the coming months, I will endeavor to emulate in some meager way those beautiful images. I hope you enjoy them. These images represent two such gifted people:
One very dedicated Scranton area student is the beautiful, crimson-haired Rylee Sandrowicz of the
5 star dance academy who has a tremendous devotion to her art, posing for my lens after doing a gueling dance class just prior to our shoot!
Dancer On Courthouse Square Scranton
Another Showcasing her incredible athleticism here is Samy Schwartz of the Linn McDonald School of Dance
who is not only a great dancer, but also a gymnast and top-notch scholastic student in our area!

Hopefully, Samy, Rylee, along with many other gifted students and artists from the Scranton, Pocono, and Northeastern PA. area will appear in many more of my images to come.

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