Is Corporate Photography Still Available in N.E.PA.?

Recent interest from corporate professionals in the greater Northeastern Pennsylvania Area have prompted me to reach out with this informational update:
“It seems as if everyone is a photographer these days” – I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this phrase in past 10 years!
As digital photography becomes easier with the artificial logic built into people’s phones as well as their easy-to-use SLR style cameras more amateurs have developed a very sophisticated sense of artistic composition through the use of instant feedback provided by these instruments; therefore, more amateurs are developing the confidence to actually start selling their work to family, friends and neighbors as a sideline income stream for their families or just for mad money to spend on the next hot camera that catches their eye. My fellow pros used to call these cameras “idiot-proof” but the joke was on us. The very people we criticized for their inexperience and lack of technical skill have now taken a lion’s share of our livelihood from our pockets simply by being willing available when the need for photography services arise; especially in the field of wedding and family work. The usefulness of amateurs in certain types of these fields has merit for many consumers.
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There are however, several aspects of the photography profession where an amateur would not have the competitive price point and that is corporate photography. This field also encompasses the categories of advertising photography, industrial photography, architectural photography, marketing media creation and construction progress. The same (or more) expertise is also required in the practice of motion picture photography for these fields.

These jobs require more than just a camera hanging around one’s neck and a few lenses. They require a carefully assembled arsenal of gear and the knowledge of how it works- studio quality lights that have the power to light the scene whether it’s a table-top set or a giant football stadium; light meters; scrims to shade light from certain parts of the scene; backdrops and gear to support them; reflectors; monitors; stylists who work with the photographer and most of all, a trained eye with technical experience from the long years of trials, errors and finally, the kind of success that comes with maturity one’s craft. From the conversations I have had with my business clients recently it seems they are coming to that conclusion too. One large corporate client of mine specifically searched for photographers who do NOT do wedding work because they know from their interaction with this new breed of av-ant-garde that they may lose control of the shoot and the results would be what the photographer wants rather than what the company demands.

My work reflects the kind of maturity and willingness to work with corporate directors to make the product or service stand out with accuracy and detail that tells the story of well it was made or how the service was performed. An image that inspires confidence in the company that provides it.
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Contact me through the website, by phone or message me through my social media pages to discuss your marketing content goals and I will patiently listen, answer any questions and work with you to fulfill every requirement for the projects you have in mind.

Laser Guided Bomb

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