Catching Up On 2015! An Arboretum Wedding

As I often mentioned back in the fall of last season I was so busy between my video, school and corporate work I really had not a moment to breathe let alone post some of the great images that were coming through my workstation at that time. Now that April is here we find ourselves hearkening back to last season’s fun weddings.


Lynne & Leo By Melisky


Lynne & Leo relaxing at sunset by Melisky


Excited to be here! By Melisky

Lynne and Leo at the Arboretum

Lynne & Leo at the Arboretum

Here shown are some examples at Lynne and Leo’s wedding in the suburbs of Philadelphia at the Morris Arboretum.

Leo Kisses Lynne By Melisky

This was such a relaxed wedding with everyone just enjoying the fantastic weather and surroundings that finding happy expressions was not a difficult task at all.


Romantic Sunset Kiss By Melisky

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