Another Great Colonnade Wedding!

Back in May we covered our first wedding video as part of our new association with The Colonnade Event Space. Now here watch a June 20th wedding where the summer atmosphere was just electric! Kathy and Wes had known each other years prior but fate brought them AND their families back together for good in this beautiful love story. See the unique orange floral scheme which only Paul at the Colonnade and Posh Events could do so creatively. Everyone just danced, sung and celebrated the night away in the beautifully appointed dining room followed by the real action outside in the covered reception space. Nobody had a care in the world- even when a passing shower dampened the ground outside; nothing could dampen the spirits inside.

Watch this and see if you you don’t feel a tear of joy welling up along with the happy groom.
If you would like more information on the Colonnade and Posh Events in Scranton check out their website here;

The Colonnade

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More of my video work will be featured here in the upcoming months.

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