A Dark Autumn Day Becomes A Magical Engagement Love Story!

One part of my photography career I always enjoy is the challenge of creating a beautiful image in adverse conditions. Yesterday was one of those days but what made my job so much easier was the contagious happiness that just radiated from my friends Tony and Stephanie!

Stephanie was just electric and Tony is so handsome in that classic way that I just got inspired to take it to the limit with everything I had in me in spite of the gloomy clouds which hung around and only got thicker as the day went on.



Stephanie and Tony with ‘Drake’.

We started out at Nay Aug Park on Mulberry Street in Scranton and ended up at McDade Park off Keyser Avenue. Tony’s Black Lab ‘Drake’ was even more excited to be out in the crisp fall air than we were and was just slightly more interested in the surroundings than the camera but we managed to get his countenance in some shots after all was said and done.IMG_0098SByMelisky
Some photographers would probably just call it a day when the clouds roll in but this is just where I just start to rev up the special techniques with my own lighting equipment to enhance the color of both subjects as well as the trees behind them. The result was a sunny morning effect in which you can’t even tell what the scenes really looked like! I love it! Try that with your iPhone!Stephanie and Tony with backlit trees_0172SByMelisky


Stephanie and Tony on leaves DSC00024SByMelisky

Stephanie and Tony in a playful fall pose


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