Springtime- The Season For ‘Love’…Of….

Spring is when young people everywhere turn their thoughts to love BUT it’s also the time when motivated people who love their occupation turn their thoughts to the improvement of their public image and opportunities for new employment positions. A new head shot is one of the best ways to make a good impression. I am posting three examples of recent client portraits on this blog to showcase my traditional studio work. Here in the first one we have Annunziato who needed a quality portrait for his medical residency portrait.

Medical Resident Portrait







Next, I had the pleasure of capturing the very attractive Johanna Badyrka who is a real estate agent with my favorite broker, Jackie Ruddy. It’s always so enjoyable working with Jackie’s people!
business portrait of Scranton Realtor
Then, just a few days ago I made the acquaintance of Tim Stewart, a sales associate with Hibu.


Three very distinctly different professionals with three distinct looks in a conservative business professional portrait. If you have tried photographing yourself using your phone propped on the dashboard of your car like many people do, please reconsider whether that is the image you want to put forth as a professional. I believe you’ll think better of it. I am always available for fast turnaround of any type of business images you require for your online presence. Have a ‘lovely’ Spring!

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