Professional Staff Images Boost YOUR Image!

Much of our work lately has something to do with business. Whether it’s a video profile of the facility owner with the staff or still images featuring the proprietor, the overwhelming need for photographic images is becoming more and more a necessity in the successful operation of any endeavor.

Professional Staff Portrait as it was taken.

Above is an example featuring my long-time client Bernard A. Fagnani, C.P.A. with his team. This image tells the story of who is in control of the enterprise and introduces the viewer to everyone who is involved with serving the client. It gives us the confidence to enlist the company’s service and emphasizes your company’s capability.

Professional Business Portrait with office look.

The image above shows how professional images may be modified to depict any surrounding depending upon the required use. This can be easily done by your printer’s graphic designer or we can do it for you. The actual office where the work takes place may be used or another backdrop of any other location or graphic may be inserted according to your needs.
A professional photographer will have the best knowledge of lighting and background use in order to make this a smooth, realistic transition. Amateur, in-house options are not recommended if you want the best results.
Please feel free to call my office any day to get more information about how you can benefit from web and social media images.

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