Point n’ shooters vs. real photographers

This post is just a small sample of the informative photography posts to follow regarding the importance of hiring a professional photographer.
With the advent of digital wonderments of all types there is a trend toward the use of unskilled amateur party-goers and other family members to record important lifetime milestones. Some people just ask guests to ‘share’ their point n’ shoot camera images on a host site instead of hiring a pro to cover the job the right way. There comes a time however, when these options end up leaving a disappointing unflattering aftermath that just can’t be overlooked in the final results.
A perfect example is shown here..

Point n' shooter falls short

Point n’ shooter falls short

Our subjects are attractive but which shot shows them at their true beauty? An experienced professional knows how to get the most from his subjects and environment for an image that will become lasting family treasure and NOT an afterthought.

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