The NEW Melisky Demo Reel LIVES!

Okay, so this is something we all hate to do unless we are total narcissists but when one is in business one must do things necessary to promote the work; so I agonized over this for a few months and am still going to make newer versions but here is what I came up with.
I believe you will enjoy the scenes I shot one very foggy night in downtown Scranton at 2:00A.M. in my pajamas with a single camera and no support staff to help me. You know we photographers are all crazy, don’t you?!

The underlying theme I had in my mind was not just to highlight a gallery of my work, but use existing footage to convey the antagonism there is today between what we consider the light side and the dark side of life as well as in our own heads when we are confronted with every day choices. I hope to expand on this theme in different ways in the future.
Please, also tell me what you think of it and thanks for bearing with me!
NOTE: PLEASE “WAIT FOR IT…” after the ending logo line.

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