Mother’s Day Shoot At Scranton Cultural Center

My friend Amy is very much familiar with the beauty of the Scranton Cultural Center as she worked there for quite some time. When she suggested we do her photo shoot there for the Scranton Times I was very excited about the idea!
Here pictured are just three of this fast-paced session we conducted along with the help of the staff at the cultural center and of course, we can’t forget Amy’s wonderful and super-energetic mother-in-law, Laura! When I say fast-paced, it’s not that we had a tight schedule but Amy’s little man pictured here made it abundantly clear he had a very tight schedule and needed to get back to playing right away!
Little boy kisses baby sis in mother's day photo
Through the promises of a juicy lollipop at the end of the session, Amy convinced our busy executive to give us just a few more pictures.
As you see by the results, our young man cooperated and also proved his great affection for his little baby sister by planting a big kiss on her perfect little face!
See more images in coming weeks as mother’s day approaches.

Mother and two young children in Scranton Cultural Center

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