Malachite Is Photogenic!

Last weeks update featured my shot of an unidentified set of objects which I challenged viewers to guess.

Here is the answer; discovered purely by accident while I was cleaning some old tarnished metal possessions laying in my junk drawer! I knew soaking copper in a solution of vinegar and salt would clean it however I never expected to find such a serendipitously photogenic outcome! Here are the items used to produce the shot (I added a few different items while I played)…

The beautiful blue crystals are a result of a chemical reaction causing copper oxide and malachite (a mineral used as a gemstone) to be removed and dissolved, then reformed in the mixture. The mixture then drying to form a salty blue crust on the outside of the lid in which they were soaked.
This week’s post is a cool shot of the metal in the lid before I started playing with it.

There was no photoshopping used in this image other than conventional traditional photographic printing techniques.

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