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Back in July and continuing through late November I undertook a large comprehensive commercial photography project at the request of Mike Mitchell of Jonah Frameworks located in Meshoppen, PA.
original photographic artwork
Mike had a need for high quality images to match their high-end line of hand crafted museum quality picture frames which are sold mainly to galleries and artists in the Manhattan area but his goal was to expand their market reach to the entire East Coast. Mike had seen good photographs on other sites before but needed the right photographer to represent his products in the classy, elegant way he envisioned.
original photographic artwork I am gratified that Mike chose my website and portfolio of all photographers he auditioned as having the best work to fit his vision.
original photographic artworkAfter a meeting and tour of Jonah’s very impressive frameworks, meeting some of their dedicated craftsmen and doing test shots we set a schedule of studio and location photography sessions which would entail a creative representation of their entire inventory and most popular custom finishes; along with journalistic style location shots of the woodworkers at their craft during the finishing and coating process in the shop.
original photographic artworkoriginal photographic artwork The word ‘shop’ or ‘frameworks’ fail to describe the great operation they have there.
original photographic artwork

original photographic artworkEverything in the building from front to back was precision planned and very well organized to produce frames and matted work in the cleanest, most efficient manor possible so the artists who work there are free to do the best possible work and create the highest possible quality frames and mountings. I was very inspired!
original photographic artwork Then when I started receiving the actual frame samples for the shoot I was even more impressed with the beautiful pieces of wooden art that I had the pleasure of photographing!
original photographic artwork
What you see on their site and my portfolio here are just a sample of the products and scenes before my lens.
original photographic artwork
There will be more posted on both of our sites in the coming months. Mike also had other divisions of the company which would come to be photographed later in the summer and those photos will be featured in a future post.
original photographic artwork

Stay in touch.

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