Interior Aerial Views Of the Majestic St. Mary’s

Now in collaboration with my good friend and colleague Bernie Andreoli of ‘Sky Force Drone Aerial Services’, I had the immense pleasure of seeing and photographing the majestic Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Dickson City from a whole new perspective this week.
Saint Mary's Dickson City Window
When I was contacted by the very patient and helpful sales associate from Robert M. Sides Music, Mr. Phil Maue to photograph the brand new organ installation at St. Mary’s, I knew I would need to bring in the big guns to accomplish this feat.
Organ Loft at St. Mary's
With 86 foot high ceilings and the top of the console keyboards themselves sitting some 24 feet above ground, I knew my 14-foot step ladder would not cut it even though I shot many images from that perspective which I will also share later.
St. Mary's at Ceiling Height
I had been waiting for a project like this to use a drone for a while and this was the perfect assignment!
I also have video and many more images to share so keep tuned in. Enjoy!

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