Horizon Dentistry From The Heart Video Promo

Back in April I was contacted by Mike, the operations director at Horizon Dental Care which has three offices in Hawley, Honesdale and now the latest, greatest one in the former Guild Studio in Scranton. Mike had taken a few photos and videos with his personal camera to document a free dentistry event they conduct each year as a participant in the worldwide nonprofit organization ‘Dentistry From the Heart” which is dedicated to providing no cost dental care to those in need.

They hoped to get some sort of slideshow produced to tie it all together and wanted me to do the editing.
Well, Mike didn’t know my penchant for perfectionism at that time but he certainly knows now; I would not be satisfied to just do a quickie slideshow. So I took his material, worked up a script and shot a lot of additional footage to produce something worthy of their great community event.

The Hawley Office -one of two for the 2016 event.

The Hawley Office -one of two for the 2016 event.

During the course of the production I had the great pleasure of meeting and interviewing some of the doctors, staff and owner, Dr. John Evanish III along with his wonderful family. I can’t say enough about the warm, welcoming feeling I got from these great people and the very impressive dedication they have to their calling. You’ll see it come to life in this 5 minute video. Take a look.

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