My Favorite Way to Shoot A Saturday!

When you think of the classic beauties of history you think of someone like Kandis here. How could any man not be captivated by this face!

A casual look

A casual look

Like many of my clients, when Kandis called me to update her talent headshot I had no idea what she looked like prior to her arrival at my studio Saturday. I never pre-judge what a person must look like in order to be inspired to find their most beautiful features; but when I answered that doorbell I knew this would indeed be an enjoyable photo shoot.

An alluring look in a silky top mirrors her healthy glow .

An alluring look in a silky top mirrors her healthy glow

Two hours later I still had to force my shutter finger to stop and be happy with what we achieved.
Kandis' Head Shot Leaning
Neither of us had been the least bit tired of shooting at this point but the results were superb!
When thinking of a way to promote yourself for any reason the first consideration should be to hire a qualified professional photographer to capture your best look.

An approachable modest look.

An approachable modest look.

What always encourages me to continue with my eventual retirement goal (in 20 more years) of doing only these types of quality ‘Golden Age’ style portraits is many of my subjects, like Kandis have lived in New York City or have been working there and were drawn to my style of shooting.Kandis' Talent Shot Q
What a way to spend a Saturday!
Kandis' Talent Shot S

Kandis' Talent Shot R

Kandis' Talent Shot Z

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