Can Your Customers Imagine Your Business?

You have a website, phone book ad, social media pages and maybe radio or T.V. exposure but do those forms of marketing really tell your customer what you’re all about?

A Self-Portrait

A Self-Portrait

A 60 second blurb on T.V. or a still photo on your website carries a very limited message about you and your product but does it do the best job of convincing the viewer to hire you over your toughest competitors? With today’s intense bombardment of images flying everywhere consumers have been desensitized to the ‘printed’ word or single image glimpsed during their ravenous drive for electronic entertainment and information. We have to accept that in 2015, people EXPECT to be educated about things in the simplest terms with the shortest time investment and most clarity. Otherwise you lose them in the chaos. Video is that one medium that can provide those important details painlessly in an easily distinguished demonstration of how you conduct yourself and your business. With one walk through your facility or visit to your work site, the camera can tell your story at 30 frames a second. Each of those frames is a picture and you know what they say about the worth of picture and a thousand words! Then you have the added benefit of audio whether you choose to provide the voice or you use one of my professionals, the carefully worded script combined with just the right music multiply the effectiveness of the images on screen. Video is NOT JUST FOR MADISON AVENUE ANYMORE! I specialize in SMALL business and price my services accordingly. ‘Mom and Pops’; online sales; small contractors; machine shops; hotel/motel/resorts; cleaning services; repair facilities; medical-related services and realtors are just a few of the thousands of professions which can benefit. You cel phone can’t do what a trained professional cameraman can do with wireless sound and powerful editing systems and the cost is NOT that much compared to the lost productivity in learning as you go with do-it-yourself efforts.
Find out how INEXPENSIVE it really is to produce a series of professional quality 2 to 4 minute YouTube presentations which can be linked to all of your online marketing efforts.
The series can focus on general topics such as: “How My Product Makes Life Easier” “What I Can Do To Solve Your Problem” or “Why You Really Need This” are just a few ideas. Let’s talk about your ideas.
Your competition is already looking into it. Why wait til they get the upper hand?

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