Business Image is EVERYTHING!

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing a local businessman in Loan  Services. He needed a good portrait for his business card. In the interest of time and convenience he had already tried having a cel phone image taken  but was not so sure about it so he opted for my professional services. He brought in the cel image and showed me; explaining that the smile was OK but he didn’t like the way it looked kinda amateurish.

Before/After Professional Session Photos With Michael

Before/After Professional Session Photos With Michael

BINGO!  There is an intelligent man arriving at a conclusion based on sound business thinking. If you want to impress the idea of trust upon your clients you want to hand a card that represents you with the dignity of a trustworthy businessman. The finished card is shown here.

Gary's Biz Card

Needless to say- once he saw the images on my screen after the session he was more than happy with the results and his colleagues  were just as impressed if not more so. Need I write any more? Please think before you publish images of yourself that don’t reflect your position in life. It applies to any goal. Thanks for reading. ~Mike

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