Best Place For A Summer Wedding? The Beach!!

I feel so lucky my new friends, Mary Beth and John who I met when John was landscaping next door, thought of me when they planned their intimate beach-front wedding.
Mary Beth’s 11 year old son also joined the scene, taking in the breezy, beautiful Island Beach Park atmosphere.
A rare Monday date combined with an equally rare New Jersey Seaside location along with a perfect summer day made for a once-in-a-blue moon experience for us all.
Footprints In The Sand
This Island Park beach is a very quaint hideaway for couples looking for a getaway with a taste of nature.
LoWeb190535The ocean waves were at just the right height to make a great backdrop for their special day.LoWeb195003R This day will always be remembered for the beauty of nature, the refreshing sea breeze and most of all, the refreshing newly formed family who will always remain in my memories and in my gallery of favorites.

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