Every young man would do well to remember that all successful business stands on the foundation of morality.
-Henry Ward Beecher

Excellence in any business; whether it be a mom ‘n’ pop or multi-national is never noticed unless your buyer knows about you. That’s where I come in. When you don’t need Madison Avenue to get your message across. Just good, solid promotional media that portrays you in the best light. Tell me your goals and I can create the visual information which gets attention. This information is vital in today’s image-rich social environment. Every website or social page needs imagery to grab the viewer right away or you may lose them. That’s when an intern or a staffer just won’t get it done. You need an experienced professional.

Scranton Corporate Photographer

There are many options available so please browse all the offerings here before you call. Sometimes a video presentation is necessary to demonstrate a procedure or operation. Other times you just need a good headshot of your team. This can even be made into a talking business card. I can also provide documentation of construction progress or training videos. Imagination is the only limit and I welcome a challenge. Motion pictures always bring the viewer in more effectively than still photos however photos can even be made into a moving slideshow for your trade shows or other presentations. Any combination you envision can be crafted into a winning campaign.

Scranton Corporate Photography

Thank you for your consideration. You’ll be glad when you see the results.


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"Broadcast Television Spot For N.E.P. Telephone Communications Co"
"Jack Ruddy Real Estate Website Promo "
"Broadcast Television Spot For Hornbeck Chevrolet"
"Picture Perfect Band Promo"
"Broadcast Television Spot For N.E.P. Telephone One Source."
Video Short Featuring The Harford Fair
“Talking Business Cards”
Fall/Winter Broadcast Television Spot for Franceski Lumber
Michael's demo/training video sample of a Rebuilt Acker Drill Rig
"Andrew's Realtor Profile"
Patrick Devaney' Profile for Ruddy Realty
Rene Godefroy Collaborates With Melisky on Motivational Video
Aaron Pierce Profile for Ruddy Realty
"Springtime Broadcast Television Spot For Franceski Lumber Co."
Time Lapse Visit To The AFA Gallery In Scranton